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We leverage business and human capital data for ‘infinite’ possibilities to imagine data interaction like never before

We partner with our customers through a Transparent and collaborative journey which create an Impeccable
interaction and Stunning data experience. Our Intuitive designs do not need a user manual & visualizations are powered through cloud, which are device agnostic


  • Data visualization | Interaction Design (UI/UX)
  • Intuitive Dashboards using interaction design
  • Storyboard Creation and Custom Dashboard / Reporting
  • Ready to use dashboard and UX design


Data driven organization are looking for real time insights – about Business, Regions, Line of Business, Customer insights that help in making more informed business decisions.

A well designed dashboard not only helps in bringing out key performance indicators but also builds in an element of future predictions’ that serve as an internal business compas

Geo Visualizations

Organization with global presence have an intrinsic need for larger erspectives – to define global strategies at the same time drill down at micro level – for on-ground execution.

Our geo – visualizations harness the power of organization data and creates cognitive story boards for business impact

Organization Data Insights

With the paucity of time – Organizations look for visual insights that convergeultiple complex data at a function, line of business, regions or global level, which is constructed in a simplified illustrative for decision makers to consume.

Our intuitive visualizations help organization synthesize complex data through minimalistic illustrations’


Be the best in class go-to Interaction & Visualization experience partner

We are a boutique interaction experience company that creates stunning visualization design, which lead to informed decisions for business and individual users.

We place elements in a visual context through responsive interactions that deliver insights by making complex data more accessible, understandable and usable to etch out correlations, patterns, and trends.

Our Story

Vsualthree60 was born out of a dream to visually communicate data that can help individuals, leaders and organizations to visualize ‘points of view’ and take informed decisions

Team/Who we are

Leaders with a pedigree of creating global business for global organizations founded Vsualthree60

We are backed with over a decade and half years of collective experience in data visualization delivering innovation, customer responsiveness and creating world-class products


Addictively creative

We build addictively creative interaction experience

Customer Experience

Partner with customer through the journey for collaborative experience

Trust with Speed

Agility for solutions with trust on data integrit