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Intelligent document management product for “harnessing organisation knowledge and enhancing productivity!”

is an Artificial Intelligence -based product that scans millions of documents in an organization to extract key metadata which is then leveraged for intelligent document management making it easy for retrieval and usage

100M hours are lost in organization trying to retrieve the right document for transactions and interaction with key stake holders / customers. This loss of productivity can be minimized through usage of artificial intelligence

Using Docu360 an organization can retrieve the right document as well as leverage the metadata & knowledge within these to build a “Knowledge Organization”

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Key Features Identification and Capturing document metadata through optical recognition

Buying is an emotional journey and 70% of the retail sales depends on In-store experience. If retailers can tap into the emotions of buyers as they go about into the store, they can leverage this information to tap into their mindset. These insights can then go into creating a “Gold Standard for In-store experience” that can drive forward sales

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Provides the organisation Access & metadata of document Giving them power to harness Organisation knowledge

The metadata generated by the algorithm canbe integrated with existing systems or can be build into fully integrated intelligent document management ecosystem that can be leveraged by departments for document access and insights

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