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Data driven decisions are  the need of the hour for retailers & large format  retail owners. These insights need to go beyond “how many shoppers walking into the store” to the “Emotions of shoppers within the  store”!

Using Vision360 retailers will be able to leverage real time data for more effective marketing campaigns, manage operations, and insights to sell more, faster – evolving customers “Transactional Loyalty to Emotional Loyalty”


Generate value from the information you collect, and help the consumer  understand what he or she gets in return. Leverage data to create more personalized experiences, give consumers a reason to purchase, drive replenishment, and increase retention. – Deloitte Consulting, 2019, Retail Outlook


Is an “Artificial Intelligence” Technology based product measuring in-store shopping behaviour that provides customer insights that are significantly more real-time relevant and actionable


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enhanced customers “in-store experience”
From Transactional loyalty to Emotional loyalty

provides the organization insights across levels and empowers them to make data driven decisions

The data generated by the engine amalgamated with organizations propriety data viz. POS data, customer loyalty program..etc, can generates deep insights’ into customer in-store behavior


Capturing Shoppers In-store experience

Buying is an emotional journey and 70% of the retail sales depends on In-store experience. If retailers can tap into the emotions of buyers as they go about into the store, they can leverage this information to tap into their mindset. These  insights can then go into creating a “Gold Standard for In-store experience” that can drive forward sales

Instore Emotions

Accurately measure customer emotions to  get data on instore experience. Measure what makes them happy, what excites them and  what doesn’t. Use the data to enhance instore experience through visual merchandising, staff development & more

Smart Footfall Counting

Vision360, can distinguish between the store staff and customers and goes beyond just footfall count. Know your customer segments entering into your store, for more  accurate  conversion rates.

Capture the walk-outs

Measure your “bounce rate” more accurately and periodically feedforward this information to the store staff for timely interaction and increasing the ease of customer with in-store experience.

Customer Journey Analysis

Measure journeys and specific paths taken by the customers. Get insights on what engages, excites them and what doesn’t. Get data on most & least visited areas through visual and intuitive heat maps.

Customer Dwell Times

Get data on how long and where customer linger in your store and leverage that insights for buyer conversion. Enhance your instore experience to convert dwell zones into sales areas.