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Truly responsive digital signage that connects with customers real-time

An intelligent-responsive
Artificial intelligence Digital Signage that an organisation can leverage to push “the right campaign to the right customer.”

A 2019 survey of 100 retailers conducted by
New York-based WBR Insights highlights the importance of
digital signage in the retail world.

The survey found 94 percent of in-store retailers use or have used digital signage to augment, change or improve customers’ instore experiences. User generated content in a retailer’s social and advertising strategy is a smart and authentic way to connect with the audience and work around physical limitations.

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Key Features Customer detection Responsive Signage Targeted Campaign

Digital signage is helping deliver curated personalized experience, thanks to data now available from sources including video camera and in-store beacons  that communicate with smart apps, alerting content management systems  the types of customers inthe store

Speed – that was defines the way business is executed these days – fast response fast data processing.

We need state of art technology that can match this speed and be lighting responsive. Fast AI with data processing will result in recommendation of proper content

Message360 amalgamates with exiting ecosystem one cameras, devices, sensors and applications, which will process data to achieve maximum personalisation for customers

Our AI Algorithm will identify the person in front of the signage, assess their intrinsic goals and recommend the best possible advertising in that particular moment

Intelligent Algorithm

The artificial intelligent algorithm that identifies custiomers and recommends the right campaign for them

Intelligent Responsive

Targeted intuitive interface that facilitates easy deployment of store offers and programs

Data Analysis

Captures relevant data for future analysis and course correction

Provides the organization key realtime insights on
how customers are responding to marketing campaigns

AI Signage is a technology that gives an organisation an edge over static signage and can deliver web similar interactive experiences that is personalised and has tactile advantages over web based

Reach out to us for a demo of MESSAGE360

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Reach out to us for a demo of MESSAGE360

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