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Augumented Virtual Trial Room

Artificial intelligence augumented contactless virtual trial room leveraging cutting edge technology to help customers intelligently select clothes planning out scenario’s to make them look better!!

According to research, A whopping 87% of shoppers prefer to shop in stares with “touchless options”

Knowledge retailers understand that customers’ love digital and are incorporating that into brick and mortar locations to unlock the full potential of true omnichannel!! Consumers gravitate towards tech in retail and as they say if you can make them tryon you can make them buy!

60% retailers say they have curated ‘digital’ messages to drive in-store traffic, however out of that 37% say they have a formal strategy to do that. Mirror360 is that one technology that can chnage that

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Key Features
Real time Style Scenario’s
Augumented Try-on
CX Delight

Bring online to Instore!
Mirror360 brings to customer the ease
of selecting the type, style, colour and
virtually try it on, without going through
the hassles of going through endless
selection process.

A customer can interact with it intuitively
and giving inputs for the mirror to
recommend you the perfect attire!

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Provides the organisation
critical data to innovate and
interact with customers on the go

Mirror360 provides the organization critical data to craft and execute strategies on product mix, customer profiling, spend patterns ..etc. It gives the organization flexibility to innovate and connect with customers as they are experiencing products’ / offerings in store

Reach out to us for a demo of MIRROR360

project main img

Reach out to us for a demo of MIRROR360