Captain’s Log

This blog was posted on March 12, 2021

Our Brand Story
Day zero

When we started Vsualthree60, we had this vision to be the best in the Experience realm – And everything that we did had to exude that emotion!!

AI is disrupting the way we are living! And soon humans will partner with it in numerous forms/ products. As we speak of AI as a human, it also conjures a feeling of fear and threat. We wanted to make it more approachable, friendly and something that everyone can “see” from all “angles” to make it less threatening – in other words ‘friendly’. At the same time the data that AI generates, end customers would be able to access, appreciate, assess, and act on it from 360 degrees!

We had a National Institute of Design (NID) intern who was working with us to design some amazing dashboards and interfaces and during one of our coffee connects I was talking about the vision of vsualthree60 and how it connects with experience, organization, and technology… giving a three60 degree view on customers and their inclinations. By the time I was done he was super stroked and volunteered to design the logo for us keeping in perspective – a futuristic logo depicts all the three tenants of our philosophy and incorporates vsualthree60 in visual format!


Primary Color’s
Many have asked me why this color! Well … when we started on our journey it was with a vision of finding “Gold (#b28d35)” (in data) for our customers (by leveraging cutting edge technology) through the deep dark “Grey (#404040)” mysterious mass of information.
Hence our primary color’s of Gold and Grey!


I am a huge fan of fonts!! Each font tells a story and captivates its viewer. The design, the squares, corners, curve conveys an emotion that reflects organization philosophy. For us, we wanted a font that is not only everlasting, minimalistic, futuristic but also easy on the eyes! Our end-user should be able to read or view information for hours without strain on their eyes.

This is for start…hope to share more in near future!