Connect with your customer at a personal level

Intuitive chatbot that connects at emotional level with their customers / employees. EEMO bring to you the best of conversational AI that you can leverage to engage with your customers any/every time. It delivers a seamless experience to connect & engage smarter

As we become more digital every device becomes an extension of our brand – unique, individualistic and personal. EEMO is an artificial intelligence based chatbot that is personalized, culturally intelligent & intuitive. The bot leverages inter-cultural knowledge and neuro AI for conversations

Socio-Culturally intelligent conversational chatbot, that interacts with customers at a personal level

Key Features
Emotionally intelligent Intuitive chatbot that recognizes the emotion of customers

Connect with customers when they want to and wherever they want to. Converge your conversations with them and get a deeper understanding of their needs and what excites them. Let your customer give you insights helping you optimize interaction points that that you can leverage for customer experience

Provide the organisation Data & Knowledge of Online Customer Engagement to connect smarter

The CX data generated by the algorithm can be integrated with existing systems to generate more intelligent and engaging conversations that help accelerate initial connect with customers.

Contextual Data

Organizations can leverage contextual data to connect with customers and leverage that for an enhanced online customer journey

Intelligent Algorithm

It uses state of art Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to get an innate understanding of the conversation and respond accordingly

Personalized Connect

It recognizes and identifies with users emotions for a personalized affiliation

Neuro UX

Engage the user through NeuroUX for intuitive engagement

C Suite

Leadership teams can have a real time view of their online CX and Demographics insights

Data & Analytics

Analytics to understand deeper insights from customer digital interactions

Organizations Departments

CX Teams can leverage data to enhance experience omnichanne


Increase customer conversions through connecting with them anytime anywhere Interactions

CX Excellence!

Embrace Real-Time Responsiveness for Exceptional Engagement and Satisfaction. Stay connected with your customers in real-time, swiftly addressing their needs and desires for a dynamic and immersive experience